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Weed Information - UW Madison

Welcome to University of Wisconsin's Weeds Information website. Weeds are defined as undesirable plants or plants that oppose the management objectives of the land. This project conducts research and education activities designed to provide useful information to the public that is specific to weedy plants of the midwest, specifically Wisconsin.

Weeds of Concern:

Perennial pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium L.) is an invasive creeping herbaceous perennial weed first found in Wisconsin in 2007. This plant is a member of the mustard family and is capable of invading pastures, alfalfa fields, roadsides and many other upland sites, as well as riparian areas, drainage ditches, floodplains, and wetlands. Plants emerge early in the spring, forming a rosette that persists for several weeks. By late spring, plants bolt and produce a flowering shoot. After seed production, flowering shoots die back, although in moist soils new rosettes can emerge in the fall. Link to factsheet

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